by Oscar Wilde - Impressions from our 2024 tour

Cast from left to right:

Joel Handley - John Worthing

Marc Oliver Teschke - Algernon Moncrieff

Sophie Elizabeth Luker - Cecily Carew

Phil New - Lane & Merriman

Joëlle Bargel - Miss Prism

Roger Reade - Rev. Chasuble

Susanne Monnerjahn - Gwendolen Fairfax

Margot Erbslöh - Lady Bracknell

Directed by: Manfred Tamm & Mohammad Reza Vaghef

Adaptation: Susanne Monnerjahn

Set & Costumes: Margot Erbslöh
                                                                                                                                                  Sound, light & logistics: Didier Marchand

 (Photo by Udo Theurer; rehearsal photos below by Ralf Eppink)

AN INSPECTOR CALLS by J.B. Priestley - 

Impressions from our 2023 tour (Photos by Ralf Eppink)

Cast from left to right:

Qiao Zhang - Edna

Marc-Oliver Teschke - Eric Birling

Phil New - Arthur Birling

Susanne Monnerjahn - Sheila Birling

Joel Handley - Gerald Croft

Margot Erbslöh - Sybil Birling
Roger Reade - Inspector Goole

Directed by: Manfred Tamm

Adaptation: Susanne Monnerjahn

Set & Costumes: Margot Erbslöh

Sound, light & logistics: Didier Marchand


HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN - Sing Along with Joel Handley (2022 - 2023)

SHAKESPEARE IN WORD & MUSIC - A project with Ensemble Convivium, Tübingen ( 2022 - 2023)

Photos in the garden by Ralf Eppink

Photos of the rehearsal at Berger Kirche Düsseldorf by Rui Nossoll


Actors: Margot Erbslöh, Susanne Monnerjahn, Phil New 

Singers: Frank-Uwe Dill, Birgit Kipping, Ingo Kraus, Katlen Meyer, Christina Schlage, Friederike Dill, Nathan Busch, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta

LONG LIVE THE SHORT STORY! (2020 - 2023)  - Impressions from our 2022 tour

Photos by Ralf Eppink (taken at Theater BIS Mönchengladbach and Ratinger Hof Düsseldorf)


Performed by (from left to right): Trish Osmond, Marc-Oliver Teschke, Susanne Monnerjahn, Phil New, Margot Erbslöh, Richard Court

as well as Andrew Charlwood and Priscilla Wittman 

BLITHE SPIRIT by Noël Coward - Impressions from our 2021-22 tour

Photos by Ralf Eppink

Cast 2021/22 tour:

Standing, from left to right:

Qiao Zhang - Edith

Phil New - Dr Bradman

Patricia Roberts - Mrs. Bradman

Trish Osmond - Madame Arcati

Sitting, from left to right:
Susanne Monnerjahn - Elvira Condomine

Joel Handley - Charles Condomine

Margot Erbslöh - Ruth Condomine


Live readings on ZOOM 2021

with Richard Court, Susanne Monnerjahn, Andrew Charlwood, Qiao Zhang, Phil New, Marc-Oliver Teschke and Margot Erbslöh

BLITHE SPIRIT by Noël Coward - Impressions from our 2020 tour

Photos by Ralf Eppink


Cast 2020 tour:

From left to right:

Qiao Zhang - Edith

Phil New - Dr Bradman

Margot Erbslöh - Ruth Condomine

Andrew Charlwood - Charles Condomine

Priscilla Wittman - Violet Bradman

Trish Osmond - Madame Arcati

Susanne Monnerjahn - Elvira Condomine

Directed by: Shaheryar Shah

Adaptation: Susanne Monnerjahn

Set & costumes: Margot Erbslöh with Trish Osmond

LONG LIVE THE SHORT STORY!  - Impressions from our 2020 tour

Performed by (from left to right): Marc-Oliver Teschke, Priscilla Wittman, Phil New, Susanne Monnerjahn, Richard Court, Margot Erbslöh

Stories chosen and adapted by: Phil New

Szenische Krimilesung von Robert Fuhrs "EINER VON 10" - Impressionen von unserer Tournee 2020

Fotos von Ralf Eppink, hier u.a. von unserer Aufführung in der Stage School Salomon, Düsseldorf

Mit (von links nach rechts): Uwe Bentz, Carola Lübbe, Susanne Monnerjahn, Phil New, Frank Weber

 Buchadaptation und Regie: Susanne Monnerjahn


with special thanks to the Count von Spee for letting us use the grounds of Schloss Heltorf

Photos by  Karlheinz Mauermann (Oct. 2019)

Dramatised readings - SCENES OF CLERICAL LIFE by George Eliot

As part of the world-wide celebrations of the bicentenary of the great novelist’s birth, and thanks to a unique cooperation of the VHS Düsseldorf, the English Speakers‘ Circle, the George Eliot Fellowship (UK) and our theatre group, an entertaining evening of dramatised readings of selected extracts from George Eliot’s first published and ground-breaking fiction, `Scenes of Clerical Life ´(1857) was organised at the sold-out VHS Düsseldorf.

Introductions by English writer Bob Muscutt placed each extract in context in the respective story, and provided interesting background knowledge on George Eliot's life. For additional events, please see


It was a pleasure and an honour for some of our actors to voice-record, together with English writer Bob Muscutt, various excerpts from George Eliot's diary and letters written during her sojourn in Weimar in 1854. We all immensely enjoyed revisiting the works of this fascinating writer.

For more information, please go to